ACOS™ Marks Expansion into Europe with New Brand

Establishes AECOS™ as New Logo for American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery®

The American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery® announced today that a new brand, AECOSTM, has been chosen to more accurately reflect the integrated society created by its recent expansion into Europe. AECOS, formerly known as ACOS, brings leading anterior segment surgeons, ophthalmic industry executives, select venture capitalists, and technology entrepreneurs together to promote the society’s mission of advancing vision care and improving patients’ quality of life through innovation, education and advocacy.

ACOS was founded in 2011 to foster communication and cooperation between physicians and industry. The society introduced its unique structure and interactive meeting style to Europe in 2012, and extended its charter to become The American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery®. This expansion was formalized in June 2013 by establishing both American and European Executive Committees, each tasked to drive the mission and vision of ACOS. Michael C. Knorz, MD (Mannheim, Germany) was elected first President of the European organization, and joined the Board of Directors along with Arthur B. Cummings, MD (Dublin, Ireland) as the European President-Elect. “I am honored to serve as the first AECOS European President,” stated Dr. Knorz, “From the day ACOS was founded I was intrigued by the idea of a society which combines the efforts of surgeons and industry for the benefit of our patients.”

As Chairman of the Board, Stephen G. Slade, MD commented, “AECOS continues to amaze me; this time as becoming the first and only joint society for Europe and the Americas, in only our third year. It’s a unique benefit of enormous potential to all our members, both physicians and Industry.”

As AECOS, the society will remain actively engaged in clinical studies, charitable initiatives, and political advocacy to effect change for the benefit of patients as well as health care providers throughout Europe and in the United States. Steven J. Dell, MD, President of the AECOS American organization, opined “AECOS represents an unprecedented combination of physician and industry leaders working together to benefit our specialty and ultimately our patients. Our expanded society strengthens us as advocates for rapid innovation and quality patient care.”

In its first year, ACOS initiated sponsorship of an important FDA investigational study focused on corneal cross- linking, and participated in the development of guidance on laser refractive cataract surgery. The society also serves as an active member of the FDA/CDRH Network of Experts.

A new website is under development for the expanded AECOS organization. For additional information on AECOS or upcoming activities, please contact:

Trudy Larkins
Executive Director
Ph: 949 861 0987