Board of Directors

Robert K. Maloney, MD
David Cox
Francesco Carones
Sheraz Daya, MD
Steven J. Dell, MD
Kendall Donaldson, MD
Adam Krafczek, Esq
William Link, PhD
Pavel Stodulka, MD
Stephen G. Slade, MD
William Wiley, MD

What AECOS Offers?

Membership in the American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery (AECOS) includes many distinguished benefits as well as responsibilities:
  • Participation in a prestigious society dedicated to advancing vision care and improving patients’ quality of life through innovation, education and advocacy
  • Experience a unique collaboration between leading anterior segment surgeons, ophthalmic industry executives, select venture capitalists and technology entrepreneurs
  • Membership in an organization that provides a unique, interactive forum in which to present ideas and opportunities for collaboration on technology development, advocacy and clinical studies
  • Engage in political advocacy to effect change for the benefit of patients as well as health care providers
  • Eligible to participate in AECOS sponsored clinical studies
  • Eligible to participate with AECOS in the FDA/CDRH Network of Experts
  • Access to a members only, password protected website where ideas on technology, technique and unique surgical cases may be openly discussed in a secure environment
  • Opportunity to post educational videos to share among the AECOS membership
  • Opportunities to participate in a variety of charitable initiatives open to AECOS Members
  • The opportunity to accelerate innovation in technology and technique as part of a small, highly effective group of visionaries

Who is AECOS?

The American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery is a unique collaboration of physicians, ophthalmic industry executives, select venture capitalists and technology entrepreneurs. The Society meets three times each year - in the US and Europe - to evaluate new developments in technology, surgical technique, clinical studies and progressive patient care. True to our mission, the membership of AECOS remains dedicated to advancing vision care and improving patients’ quality of life through Innovation, Education and Advocacy.

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What Makes AECOS Different?

George O. Waring IV MD, FACS

“As a society, AECOS is leading the way in ophthalmic innovation initiatives, bringing together the best and brightest from industry and anterior segment surgery.  Actively participating in AECOS is one of the single most effective ways that the new vanguard of ophthalmology can help shape the future of our specialty, which is not only a pleasure, but a responsibility."

William F. Wiley, MD

“AECOS meetings have been fantastic!  AECOS meetings allow for a unique venue where a mix of both physician and industry leaders in ophthalmology present the most cutting edge technology in an interactive format that is rewarding to all who attend.”

H. Burkhard Dick, MD

“Ophthalmic treatment modalities increase in numbers and diversity for the sake of our patients. AECOS offers a unique, open-minded, excellent meeting platform for all, clinicians, companies as well as investors, to share and discuss new options or diversifications and, therefore, advance patient care.” 

Arthur B. Cummings, MD

“Ophthalmology is a technology-driven specialty and I know of no better meeting place for industry, clinicians and venture capitalists to come together than the AECOS series of meetings. This is where ideas are born, discussed and dissected in an open and transparent forum. Undoubtedly one of my favourite meetings of the year.” 

Steven J. Dell, MD

“AECOS represents an unprecedented combination of physician and industry leaders working together to benefit our specialty and ultimately our patients. Our mission is tightly focused, and while we don't aspire to have thousands of members, AECOS encompasses a significant percentage of the thought leaders and innovators in ophthalmology.” 


William J. Link, PhD, Managing Director Versant Ventures

“What makes AECOS unique is we bring together physician and non-physician innovators as peers in a highly interactive, productive forum. This assures we can deliver on our commitment to fostering innovation in ophthalmology . . . for the benefit of the patient and the surgeon.“ 

Michael C. Knorz, MD

“AECOS provides a unique vehicle for collaboration among leading surgeons, scientists and industry which is ideal for fostering innovation in anterior segment surgery.”

John A. Vukich, MD

“AECOS is dedicated to serving the professionals who shape our profession. By bringing together innovators and industry leaders, AECOS creates an environment that validates new ideas and challenges conventional thinking.” 

A.J. Kanellopoulos, MD

“As in most of medicine, our field is excelled by innovation and technology development. AECOS combines presentations and debate among many outstanding innovating surgeons along with recognized industry executives, offering a unique forum.”

AECOS Membership

AECOS is a unique society in which Physicians and Industry may equally benefit from the educational content and peer-to-peer interaction of AECOS meetings and activities. AECOS Members* may attend all AECOS Meetings free of charge with only a nominal meeting administration fee assessed to defray the cost of food, beverage and related administrative reporting requirements.

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